Nothing happens by chance and you are here for a reason.

A miracle is only a shift in perception away. As the perception changes, reality begins to change. However, this change becomes easier and faster when we reach out to someone who can guide us.

We are all meant to create our lives exactly as we desire

I help people transform their lives and heal them

I work with individuals and groups to achieve, what may be called miracles, but are essentially a series of steps to help resolve the beliefs, emotions, and feelings acquired over a lifetime and beyond, that hold us back, and are the underlying cause of the difference between where we are and where we want to be.

Changing THROUGH different aspects of life

7 life lessons you should unlearn by life coach Anuradda Lilaa

Have a snapshot into the session where Anuradda talks about life lessons to unlearn and understand this world in a better way.

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