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Story of Apoorv

Story of Abhishek Srivastava, India

Year 2011-12, were emotionally most challenging year of my life; I was experiencing a turmoil in my marriage. It was a time when I was not able to focus on anything; I could not sleep or eat properly. To make it worse, I was not able to comprehend why I was facing such a turmoil. I was suicidal. For the lack of a better explanation, I used to feel that God is punishing me for something that I have done; I had no clue what it was though. This is the time that my paths crossed with Anuradda by way of an introduction from a friend. Immediately after my first session with Anuradda, I could feel this calmness pour inside me, which was surprising as I had not felt that kind of peace in a long time.

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